Second weigh in

I don’t know how I should start this post and this probably will be a very short post. I am mad and very upset, I worked so hard and no changes have been made… well that is a lie, I gained 1 kg, BUT THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WANTED. I worked so hard, I sweated so much, that when my parents would enter the room they would run to the window to open it ( because of the smell).

I worked so hard and why aren’t I seeing changes? Well I did see one small change, I got less cellulite. I watched my food and this week I even did some harder exercises than rope skipping, I did workouts I found on youtube. First two days of this week I did only rope skipping. On day three I found this workout called ‘ fat burning and abs workout level 1’ and I still skipped rope. on day four  I did the fat burning workout. On day 5 and 6 I did the fat burning workout and the ‘Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout’.

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Is ‘Goodbye’ really ‘Goodbye’ these days?

As I’ve had nothing to do with my life at this moment, I’ve been spending most of my time thinking. Usually about the most irrelevant things in life, but anyway, I’ve been thinking…

And as I was doing that, I came across this one particular thought when it struck me that it’s Summer, the time for the sun to shine brightly, the time to travel, just happy times, doing whatever you want to do and just enjoying your time, right? 

So as I was thinking about the vacation trips I used to take in the summers when I was younger, I remembered that I would go once in every 2 or 3 years to visit my family. There were so much tears of joy, sadness of distance, extremely awkward silences and realizing that a lot of things and people had changed since the last time you saw them. So everything felt, I don’t know, just special. A special experience– something I can’t quite put in words. But these days, I literally ‘see’ those same people every morning and night that live thousands of miles away. How? Why, the internet of course! Continue reading

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So… What now?

All right, I admit…

I have not been active for a very long while… It’s just because honestly, I have no idea where I am at in my life right now. I know you’re supposed to find out whoever you are in highschool, but I’m just clueless. That doesn’t mean that I’m depressed or something bad has happened, I’m just not sure where I am standing in my life at this moment.

We’ve just finished high school, and we’re waiting for the results to come back, I am starting driving lessons coming sunday, I’m almost turning 18, I got accepted into my dream college and I am making the final edits to my book. But I still feel lost, I still feel like I’m missing something

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My first weigh in

I have been waiting for this day since I started my weight loss, I was so scared for this day. I have never been so scared in my life to weigh and measure myself. It is quite a weird sort of fear, don’t you think, but it is definitely understandable, because when you have worked so hard to change, you hope to see some progress… and did see a little change, my tummy got a bit flatter, but was it an illusion?… because that is what I wanted to see or was it because I really got a bit skinnier. I didn’t know cause I had to wait till this day to find out if I made some progress in this week.I know, I know a week is to short to expect any changes, but I would be really happy if I lost about 1 kg.

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First weigh in

Dum Dum dum… tomorrow is going be the 7th day of me trying to lose weight and I am scared. I am not scared because I haven’t done anything and that I now have to tell everybody who is reading our posts that I am a lazy girl that doesn’t know the definition of healthy food and exercise, but because I sure did tried really hard to eat healthy and to exercise but I am scared that I haven’t lost even 1 gram or some centimeters of my hips.

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Time for changes.

It is a girly thing, we like to complain about our bodies and we do it so often it sometimes seems like it is a contest among girls about who can complain the most and get the most compliments out of it. We girls are so thirsty for compliments, but hey it is ok, cause if you feel like you aren’t getting enough attention then it is ok to fish for compliments. Because if you work hard to look good, you sure deserve some recognition for your hard work and if this has to be the way to get it and then do it. And if ever a guy thinks your attempt to fishing compliments is annoying, just beat him up and go to the police and tell them he is a sex offender, that will teach the punk.

Now it will seem like I am going to write a whole post about complaining but that is not what I am going to do. Cause I am going to write about changes and now you might wonder what kind of changes. Tomorrow is going to be the day I will start to improve my body and try to get my body a bit in shape and lose some nasty fat around my body.

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So… Whats up?

As you may know… We just finished out finals on the 22nd of May. We are finally done with High school… That is… If we pass… Exams were hard and I don’t have a good feeling about them. I really think this year wont be the year I graduate from High School. I screwed all my exams up, well… most of them. Especially maths! How did they manage to do me that bad, I was doing so good in maths and the moment they gave me that exam, I doubted if they had given me the right one, because I could barely answer any question.

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Hello readers

Long time no see, our last post was written on the 27th of November last year, that is such a shame. We apologize for not posting anything for such a long time and it is not we don’t like blogging it is just that we have been very busy this year. We are in our final year and in a couple of weeks we have exams. At this moment we are studying hard to get all the information we need to know to stay in our head. Please wish us luck and we hope to see you on the 1st of June.

Bye Bye

– S

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Music is the key

Music is powerful, it can inspire us, motivate us, make us happy, etc. I think nobody can get through his day without some music.Therefore I made you a list of songs that I listen to at the moment.Let me take you on a journey to through music land, I will be your guide, take my hand and lets go :D.

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Winter, Hats & Hair Inspiration


Winter is coming… For some it’s already here. Love to stay warm but you feel like you can’t match your hat or that you look silly wearing it? These will change your mind about that and make you stay warm and fashionable through the cold winter days yet to come!

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