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Is ‘Goodbye’ really ‘Goodbye’ these days?

As I’ve had nothing to do with my life at this moment, I’ve been spending most of my time thinking. Usually about the most irrelevant things in life, but anyway, I’ve been thinking… And as I was doing that, I … Continue reading

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So… What now?

All right, I admit… I have not been active for a very long while… It’s just because honestly, I have no idea where I am at in my life right now. I know you’re supposed to find out whoever you … Continue reading

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Shoplog: 5 Euro mini Hair Straightener and Curling iron

Yes, you read it right. I bought a mini hair straightener and a curling iron from Babyliss for a total of 10 euros (Normally 25 euro a piece!) Too good to be true?

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What’s-up Friday

First of all, IT’S FRIDAY. That means that we have the opportunity to enjoy our weekend until midnight and then start the next day whining about how we only have a day left till we have to get back to … Continue reading

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The other girl

I know, I know… I’ve been very, very, very, absent in the blog world, I’m sorry you guys! I feel like I have to reintroduce myself because it’s been so long. I’m G, and I’m the other girl that owns … Continue reading

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Get to know the bloggers via Tumblr!

I know I know… We haven’t been really active in the posting… We realize! And we’re sorry! But something happened to us… A new obsession you could say, Tumblr! We love posting and reblogging random pictures that we adore! And … Continue reading

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Fashion blogging…

Walking on the red carpet, getting interviewed by magazines, talking to all of the hottest fashion designers, being an inspiration to others, getting yelled at by the paparazzi to get a shot for their magazine. Every fashion blogger’s dream involves … Continue reading

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