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Is ‘Goodbye’ really ‘Goodbye’ these days?

As I’ve had nothing to do with my life at this moment, I’ve been spending most of my time thinking. Usually about the most irrelevant things in life, but anyway, I’ve been thinking… And as I was doing that, I … Continue reading

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The other girl

I know, I know… I’ve been very, very, very, absent in the blog world, I’m sorry you guys! I feel like I have to reintroduce myself because it’s been so long. I’m G, and I’m the other girl that owns … Continue reading

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Places I want to visit

  When I go to bed I always dream about traveling and visiting new places and meeting new people. I have a very long list when it comes to places I want to visit. I can’t wait till the time … Continue reading

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Shopping in London

When we went to London, our main goal was to go to Forever21 and the Harrods.I personaly would get depressed if we haven’t went to the Forever 21, but luckly we managed to find one.I still find it so stupid … Continue reading

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Dover (Beachy Head)

Long time ago I promised you more videos and pictures of England, but sadly I didn’t had any time to edit a video for you,until today.We went to Beachy Head with school when we were in England and we had … Continue reading

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Get to know the bloggers via Tumblr!

I know I know… We haven’t been really active in the posting… We realize! And we’re sorry! But something happened to us… A new obsession you could say, Tumblr! We love posting and reblogging random pictures that we adore! And … Continue reading

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Travel: sightseeing video of London

Dearest S recorded and created a video of the journey in London, this is only a small part of the sightseeing! many more videos will follow. I hope you enjoy!

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